Solar panels have many benefits: Why go solar?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to go solar. The most popular are financial savings and the benefit for the environment. Here are some benefits you should consider when thinking about solar.

How solar can save you money

People who install solar panels on their homes or businesses primarily do it for the economic benefits. You can think of solar as a financial benefit in four ways:

Going solar dramatically reduces or eliminates your electricity bills. These costs can account for a significant portion of your monthly expenses. A solar panel system will provide free electricity for the entire life of your system. Solar can reduce your utility bills by up to 90%, even if it doesn’t produce 100% of what you need. This will help you save lots of money.

Going solar can help you avoid rising electricity costs. Electricity prices are on the rise every year. You can lock in the price of electricity you pay today by investing in a solar power system. This will protect you from future increases in electricity prices.

Solar energy can increase your property’s value. Homes with solar are more expensive than those without. It’s simple to see why solar is so attractive. You can reduce or eliminate your electricity bills.

Solar is a great investment. American solar buyers see a return of investment (ROI), of around 20 percent. Most solar panels systems will pay for themselves many times over their lifetimes. You can get that ROI with stocks!

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Solar energy: Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits are the second reason why people choose to install solar panels.

The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Jobs Census shows that the solar industry employs more than a quarter of a million people. Most of these people work in local solar companies. You’re also helping to create local jobs by investing in solar.

This article was written by a solar expert at Solar Tech Elec. Solar Tech Elec is one of the premier solar power companies in Tampa with expanded services in North Charleston, and South Carolina. They work with homeowners to install photovoltaic systems and provide them with a way to save money on their energy bills, protect themselves against rising electricity prices and be part of the solution for clean renewable energy.

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