When Should You Be Using Sustainable Packaging?

As an increasing number of individuals express growing concern about the global waste crisis, the imperative to actively pursue a sustainable future has never been more important. The collective effort directed towards this cause are pivotal, both in individual actions at a grassroots level and substantial transformation at the highest echelons of society. A case in point is the expansive e-commerce industry, which, while enhancing the convenience of modern lifestyles, emerges as a significant contributor to global waste.


The ubiquitous use of plastic packaging in fulfilling online orders has become an inherent aspect of the industry. Rather than resigning to accept this packaging as an inevitable byproduct, e-commerce entities possess the agency to implement changes that render this aspect of the fulfillment process more environmentally sustainable. A noteworthy strategy involves the adoption of recyclable materials in the creation of packaging necessary for order fulfillment, thereby significantly impacting an organization’s sustainability objectives. Whether crafting packaging boxes from cardboard or alternative plant-based materials, e-commerce enterprises wield considerable influence in advancing sustainability goals.

This transformation often entails outsourcing certain aspects of their production processes to specialized partners who adhere to stringent sustainability practices. Collaborative ventures with organizations committed to eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging, and material sourcing serve as a checks-and-balances mechanism, ensuring that e-commerce entities align with sustainable principles. By forging partnerships with the right organizations, e-commerce entities can facilitate large-scale systemic changes that contribute meaningfully to global sustainability endeavors.

To learn more about the ways in which organizations are actively implementing more sustainable practices into their operations, refer to the resource highlighted alongside this post.

When Should You Be Using Sustainable Packaging? an infographic provided by Eagle Flexible Packaging, an organization offering a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging via their flexible packaging products

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