Should I Install Solar Panels On My Boat?

If you enjoy spending time on your boat and you’re interested in improving the efficiency of your vessel, one of the top areas where you can reduce energy consumption is with your power usage. With most types of traditional boats, the engine needs to run in order to power the battery which will then power the majority of the electrical systems throughout the vessel. Installing solar panels on the other hand can be a great way to power systems across your boat without having to draw from engine power.

A solar panel system on a boat works in a similar fashion to an off-grid portable system. The marine solar panel system includes a solar panel, charge controller, inverter, and a battery. When the sunlight hits the solar panels throughout the boat he generates DC electrical current which is monitored by the charge controller, sent to the inverter and converted to AC power, and then stored in the battery for use from every device inside your boat.

With the electrical set up in your boat, you are able to draw power from the battery connected to your solar system, the power appliances like your television, microwave, radio, and more.

There are some massive benefits to choosing a solar system to power your boat such as saving costs on fuel, improving energy efficiency throughout your boat, having a battery backup to power electric motors if you are stranded, and more. If you want to get the most out of your boat during long trips or you often spend time at the dock enjoying a day out on the water, these are systems that can help you enjoy more of your boat without the expense.

Multi-panel setups are quite reasonable and they will generate power effectively with minimal maintenance. Swapping the battery every 7 to 10 years and cleaning the panels regularly is likely all you will need to do to keep the system well maintained.

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