7 Things You Must Know To Save Electricity At Your Home

There may have been plenty of times when you had excessively used electricity at your homes and had ended up using all your savings to pay for the high electricity bills. This does not only waste a pretty good amount of your money, but is also responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, according to a study in the UK. To reduce your bills, as well as help save the planet,  here are 7 things you must know.

  1. Switch your average bulbs to LED Bulbs

Light bulbs are less efficient than LED bulbs and usually take more power, which results in high electricity bill. Switching to LED bulbs will not only save money, but also provide a cleaner, much more natural looking light, and lasts longer than light bulbs and save electricity.

  1. Compare energy prices and change your suppliers

The easiest way to save both electricity and gas are through comparing the energy quotes. All you have to do is simply pick your desired energy deal and your supplier gets switched through which you can save a large amount of money each year.

  1. Be wise! Spend your money on energy efficient appliances

Although expensive, but on a long term, it will help save your money every day as these high energy efficient appliances save electricity.

  1. Less electricity, say hello to more Sun

This one is the easiest method of saving electricity. During the day, use the sun to bring light and warmth into your home instead of using lights and heaters. Make sure to keep the curtains open during the day if you’re seriously thinking of saving your money!

  1. Don’t set your thermostat too high

If you set your thermostat too high, make sure that you have a lot of money to pay those high bills because higher degree means higher electricity consumption. Unless you want that, set your thermostat a little lower. A better solution would be to use carbon neutral gas.

  1. Choose Microwave over your Ovens

Believe it or not, but microwaves are way more efficient than ovens because of less electricity consumptions and bonus point, they even take less time to heat your food than the oven. So if you’re in a mood to eat some cake and are thinking of making one in the oven, make mug cake in the microwave instead and save your precious time as well as your money.

  1. Make your own electricity

This might get you all worried but if you’re very serious about saving  electricity then you might want to think of renewable resources and invest in a solar panel. The investment maybe huge but thinking on long term, once done, you won’t have to be worried for your high bills anymore as you’d have done a huge favour on yourself, as well as the eco system. You’ll be able to use the electricity you yourself generate rather than taking it from the network.

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